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SEWA has developed over 500 resource materials in form of research papers, booklets, annual reports, reference books, manuals, Ela Bhatt’s papers and books. SEWA Academy Documentation Centre is collection of SEWA’s history. The books are classified in two main sections namely, SEWA publications and Other publications through the Akshara Classification: An Alternative Classification and Documentation System.


SEWA publication section includes SEWA publications, articles & papers written on SEWA, which is part of SEWA database. Besides, articles, papers and speeches written by Ela Bhatt are compiled as archive. Also, fortnightly newspaper ‘Anasooya’ is compiled year wise since 1982 till present and ‘Akashganga’ – a monthly magazine for adolescent girls is compiled year wise since 1996 till present. SEWA’s annual reports, manuals and CDs are available at SEWA Academy Documentation Centre.


SEWA’s researches in the areas of women, women at work, women's development are all compiled and housed at SEWA Academy Documentation Centre. For further details on SEWA Research please visit



For further details on Publications please contact:

SEWA Academy Documentation Centre


"Krishna Bhuvan",

Ellisbridge Corner,

Opp. Sarkar II, Town Hall,

Ahmedabad - 380006,

Gujarat, India

Contact No.: +91-79-26577115, 26580474, 26578481

Fax: +91-79-26587708





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